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SNative American Veterans Association
P.O. Box 2075 Downey, CA 90242

Mission Statement
Native American Veterans Association (NAVA) serves and honors
men and women who have served active duty and their families
transition from their warrior’s journey to civilian life through
readjustment assistance; strengthening family ties; links to mental
health and wellness services and career and educational training.
NAVA Programs
Informational Breakfast Circles: On the second Saturday of every
month NAVA hosts gatherings from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon at South
Gate Girl's Club House located at 4940 Southern Avenue, South Gate,
CA 90280.  The gatherings provide free meals to veterans, active duty
military and their families and opportunities for veterans to band in
unity and support. Guest speakers are invited to inform and inspire
veterans on various topics: from human services, housing,
healthcare, veteran’s business development and small business
administration, VA benefits resources and services, veteran’s senior
services, employment and training, tribal benefits, and local
resources for tribal veterans.  Additionally, it is a venue to share our
culture through storytelling, drumming, and other artistic endeavors,
an important aspect of our social and spiritual gathering.
Traditional Healing Ceremonies: NAVA brings veterans, members of
the military and their families together as needed at no cost.
Ceremony” is an essential part of traditional Native healing;
because physical and spiritual health are intimately connected, body
and spirit must heal together.
Two-day Annual Veterans Appreciation and Cultural Gathering:
The event honors the beauty, strength, spirit, and endurance of
Native American culture; it provides the arena, atmosphere, and
incentives for the continuance of the traditional American Indian way
of life.  The Gathering is a tribute to Native Americans that goes well
beyond wartime survival; it serves as a testament to the preservation
of our unique cultural values.  Native Americans are strong, patient,
wise and deeply spiritual people and we will continue to flourish in
the 21st century. The two-day event shares our traditions and culture
through songs, dances, food and the arts; the city of South Gate and
Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation are major stakeholders and
provide the venue.
NAVA Color Guard: The “Guard” ushers in the flags at all NAVA
sponsored events honoring all veterans and inviting the community to
pay their respect to veterans in a unique way. The NAVA Color Guard
is dedicated to assisting grieving families to ensure our veterans
receive the funeral honors to which they are entitled (honorably
discharged); services are free of charge and NAVA requests a
minimum of 48-hours-notice, to perform the funeral honors service.

Annual NAVA Summit: The NAVA
Summit was designed to build on the
good work of local and national
organizations and agencies who share
our mission: to provide and/or connect
vital services to American Indian retired
veterans and individuals currently
serving in the military and their families.
The Summit is open to service providers
who want to keep their professional
development continuous.  Moreover, the
programs are offered at no cost to
Veterans and their families; they are
valuable, enriching and in some cases
life-saving experiences while helping the
most deserving groups of Americans -
veterans, active duty military. Plenary
sessions cover relevant topics including
but not limited to veteran’s
readjustment, mental health and
wellness, employment and training,
families and relationships.