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Native American Veterans Association
P.O. Box 2075 Downey, CA 90242



Started in 2002, the Native American Veterans Association began as a mutual fraternal non-profit organization 501 (C)(19), built around the American military culture with a rich history and legacy that dates back to and around the creation of our great nation. We are a Native American based organization that stretches its helping hand out to all tribal and non-tribal veterans and their families.

NAVA is also an advocate for veterans and their families. Our services include assisting veterans and dependents when applying for Federal, State, and County benefits and all other rights to which they are entitled in the most expedient manner possible.

The official colors of NAVA are black, red, purple and gold. The black represents our POW/MIAs and those who still have not returned to us. The red is a very strong color to veterans and represents the blood of those shed in battle. The purple represents the Purple Heart, and the gold respresents Honor in Service.

Ted Tenorio                     President

Mario Salgado                  Vice President

Ron Gallegos                    Treasurer

Yolanda Duarte                Secretary

Jenni McCowen               Member at Large

William Givens                 President, Emeritus
It’s Official! We are a Non-Profit Organization!
Our work thus far without this designation was only possible through the tremendous supports from our community .
. . YOU!  Now, as an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we can do So Much More. !!
You may be asking: “Like what?” Well, allow us to share with you:
-Apply for grants - before we were limited as most funders want you to be a non-profit organization
-Accept Interns - College students and budding researchers can receive credit to intern with us on
special projects such as the Annual Summit and other literary works
-Accept Donations - Thank you to those who donated without the tax exemption, or who served as
members and paid dues . . . now you can not only claim -your previous donations, but all of the ones
you will make in the future and for sure you are “our friend”
-Solicit Donations - Most large businesses and small businesses love the opportunity to give back, you
just gotta ask! …. And provide your non-profit status. We are there!
v This also solidifies our commitment to our community by attending to and honoring men and women who
have served active duty and their families’ transition from their warrior’s journey to civilian life.  NAVA will
continue to provide readjustment assistance; strengthen family ties; offer links to mental health and wellness
services and career and educational training.
v Join us during Veterans Day weekend for NAVA Veterans Pow Wow
v NAVA’s Annual Summit held in the Fall; is right on target - stay tuned for more info!

We recognize it is the perfect time to recommit to what should never change. Our work must always be consistent
with our vision and mission . . . NAVA is a partner and stakeholder to agencies, government and municipal entities,
community health agencies, government leaders, educational institutions, and the Native American community . . . to
bring the deserved services to veterans, Native American veterans and their families in the communities we serve.

I look forward to working with the NAVA Executive Board of Directors as we continue to bring the highest level of
veterans’ services to the Native American community.

In the Spirit of Gathering,
Ted Tenorio, President